Sun goes down, and up, and down…

For a few years I have been wandering around, thinking. Simple as that, I have found people that share the same values as I do, I have found people that do not – but accept them . I have managed to be alive till now, but not as random-minded and responsibility free as I wanted. What is strange, through all that was happened, or through all that I’ve done, everyone else floated on. I want to float as well, am I too attached to reality? Am I too far sometimes? Got a few hits, ditched a few. Got a few wins, had a few losses. Added a lot of people, things and memories to my book, and what amazes me sometimes is that there are more to come. I understood that I will never walk alone, that sometimes I might feel that I do, that always I will have to keep my eyes open. But when will I say : Damn it, I will just close my eyes and jump, swim, ride for all that is out there. People wander what will happen in the next 15 years, they want to predict. I do not want anything to be predicted, directed nor imposed upon myself… Till next time, see you.



~ de savulll pe 27 martie 2015.

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