I told you this is going to be a long story . Some of the things I’m going to tell you might be familiar to you from your training camp or heard in the past 2 years you’ve been here.

I’ve never considered myself superior to other people and I’ll never do so , especially in this country , because here luck it’s the most important thing of all. I’m one of the (almost) lucky ones ,  my parents have well-paid jobs , I do not freeze in winter and I can afford a trip to the seaside every summer. If you’ll visit the countryside , and here I mean the real countryside situated in Moldova(eastern part of Romania) so you could see isolated villages , you will learn the word desperate because that’s the word that says it all about a half of the Romanian population.    *Old , with an old mentality , with a small pension and children that always forget about you , that’s how 6 mil. people feel nowadays. They are grandparents that will never see their grandchildren and their only goal in this life is to wait for their end.I have a great respect for older people because of what they’ve been through ( comunism , revolution , even ww2). I have 3 pairs of grandparents because my mother’s parents got divorced and got married again , so I’m very lucky from this point of view and I’m happy they are exception from the „rule” mentioned before*.

Now I’m going to tell you a little bit about my parents generation . In 1966 Ceausescu banned abortion so half a milion children were borned in the years that followed.My father was borned in 1970 and my mother in 1973 , they were the „forced generation of the communist era”.  Education got worse during the 80’s so our parents suffered a lot because of that. Many of our fathers were in the army during the revolution and lived though times.After the revolution unemployment became the main problem in Romania . Uneducated, tired of bad memories and unable to addapt quickly to the new sistem our parents had to work hard with their hands , not with their minds. A lot of them managed to survive the 90’s and are trying nowadays to do better for us , the 90′ generation .

Before telling you something about my generation I’d like to show you this statistic I have made.

there are 21 mil. people in Romania :

-6 mil. retired people

– 2 mil. unemployed

-5 mil.  children or students

– 6 mil working legally

-3 mil working outside the law

Those 9 mil. working people are our parent that keep this country from colapsing.  In 10 years they will be retired an should be replaced by us , the 5 mil.students . Tell me , how can 5 mil. people support 6+9 = 15 mil retired people , and what could be worse , from 5 mil. only 4 or 3 to work legally , and we will also have to support our young .

I’ve presented you this personal opinion so you can understand that if you are born in Romania , you are in debt from the first day of life.

My generation (94) it’s the last generations that managed to get a decent education due to the elder teachers that never retired. Being in the class you visit monthly ( and often in the future , i hope 😀 ) makes me lucky again. We are suposed to be the best students in the school , but you can’t see the difference from other classes at all. We are lucky cause we STILL have good teachers and because we have you , someone who brings a different opinion in this grey world we’re living in.

I said I will leave this country as soon as possible but I want you to understand that I will not do it to harm my country , but to help it . My dream is to earn a living so I can bring money, civilisation and hope to this country. Romania has always been unique because we never let someone else , and I mean a country , to rule for us. But now , when International Affairs are the most important aspect of all in developing a country I think we should trust at least the EU.There is hope , a generation that I hope will be able to do something right for this country . I am proud being a Romanian and I would do everything possible to defend it and it’s values.


~ de savulll pe 30 aprilie 2011.

3 răspunsuri to “Letter”

  1. bun bun bun. bravo! incotro merge?

    • Un voluntar al PeaceCorps ne viziteaza mai mereu la scoala si discuta cu noi anumite probleme legate de occident , viata, educatie etc. Motivul pentru care am scris „scrisoarea” aceasta este ca am vrut sa-i prezint din punctul meu de vedere generatiile si viitorul incert al Ro. Salut si multam pentru vizita !

  2. Felicitari pentru articol! Mi-a placut mult.

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